Kid Rock just paid off $81,000 in Walmart layaways for Christmas – let’s pay him the respect he deserves

Christmas is a time for giving. It’s a time for generosity and kindness, but above all else it’s a time for thinking of others.

Nowhere is this being better exemplified than by the “Layaway Angels” – as they’ve come to be known – a group of charitable individuals paying off strangers’ layaways at different stores as a gesture of goodwill.

In essence, it’s the perfect way to give a gift to those who might need it most, since the majority who use the layaway system do so because of payment issues. It’s common practise for a donor to remain anonymous, but of course that’s easier said than done when the charitable person is a celebrity …

Tyler Perry was recently outed as the truly great individual who paid off in excess of $430,000 worth of layaways at a Walmart in Atlanta. He’d tried to remain nameless, but according to US Magazine over 1,500 customers benefitted from his incredible heart.

“You got to go into the Walmart, get your layaway and pay a penny, one penny, and you get your layaway,” he said on Twitter. “I know it’s hard times and a lot of people are struggling.

“I’m just really really grateful to be able to be in a position to do this. So, God bless you. Go get your stuff.”

The train

Now, it’s Kid Rock’s turn to make the headlines. The musician payed off layaways for 350 people at a Walmart in Nashville, footing a bill that came to an impressive $81,000. He gave credit to Perry for starting the train, and paved the way for others to follow.

It certainly think this new train is a great way to help out those in need.

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Owner tracks down homeless man who sold him rare picture for $20

There are so many ways we can do better in our world — the choices we make every day can make the difference between causing someone pain — or joy. If everyone did the latter, the world would certainly be a much better place.

Men like Alex Archbold seem to understand this. Alex runs a unique items shop in Edmonton, Canada. When a homeless man walked in and handed him an old photo of Disney character Bambi, he had no idea what he was giving away.

But when Alex discovered the Disney art print’s true value, he made a choice — the kind that brings joy.

Alex’s vintage shop contains loads of memorabilia, interesting items and unique pieces for sale. The family-run shop prides itself on gathering some of the most curious collectibles for their diverse clientele.

They source their inventory from various places. One is a homeless man by the name of Adam, who occasionally visited Alex’s shop to offer him goods he’d collected from garbage bins around the city, in hope of making some cash.

Curiosity Inc.
“It’s not unusual to have people walk in my store with treasures they have for sale,” Alex told CBC. “I’ve seen him [Adam] through the store many times before, so he’s always a welcome sight.”

One day, Adam walked in with a plastic bag filled with various loot and trinkets he’d collected from a dumpster dive.

“He presented a ratty old plastic bag with a few little treasures inside that he’d found in a dumpster. And one piece that kind of stood out was a picture of Bambi, in what was in a dirty broken frame,” Alex said.

The old fashioned picture featured the iconic movie scene where Bambi is just born and meets his forest friends for the first time.

CBC/Alex Archbold

A Rare Find

The item seemed interesting enough to Alex, so he offered the homeless man $20 CAD for it — making himself a mental note to take a better look at it later.

Alex originally assumed the photo was some kind of replica and figured he could replace the frame and charge about $100 CAD for the item. But as he removed the broken frame and flipped the image over, his jaw dropped. Behind the image was a very old certificate of authenticity — with a copyright date of 1937.

“I wrote a gallery in the U.S that had one, and they were asking $3,500 for theirs,” Alex said.

It’s at this point that Alex realized how badly he had underpaid Adam.

“So I vowed that whatever I would get, I would give [Adam] half [the money],” Alex said.

CBC/Alex Archbold
Alex put the photo up for auction on eBay, and it eventually sold for $3,700 CAD ($2,780 USD). He was now determined to find Adam and give him his well deserved piece of the profit. But tracking down a homeless man was no easy feat.

“Getting him the money was difficult because he has no home and no phone number,” Alex said. “I took it upon myself to drive around town for a period of two weeks every single morning before work to try and find him.”

CBC/Alex Archbold

Stunning Turn of Events

Alex’s efforts finally paid off. He managed to locate Adam — and immediately handed him CAD $1,700 in cash, bringing immediate tears to the stunned homeless man’s face.

But the story doesn’t end there. It seems acts of kindness are certainly contagious and the wider community also soon mobilized to help Adam out.

Alex, as if inspired by his own initial gesture, set up a GoFundMe for Adam to help raise funds to get him a  plane ticket back home to Ontario, where he had better chances to live off the streets.

The goal was set at CAD $10,000 — but at the time of writing, close to CAD $18,000 had already been raised — all in just one month!

YouTube/Curiosity Incorporated
“I’m still kind of pinching myself,” Adam told CTV News. “It doesn’t seem real to me. It’s awesome to know people are out there that care and that are kind.”

This wonderful story has since been touching the hearts of thousands — and understandably so. It brought tears to my eyes as I read it.

Watch the video below for more on this wonderful turn of events.

What an amazing turn of events for Adam — Alex’s compassion and heart of gold just gave this man a second chance at life.

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5-year-old badly burned in house fire asks Santa for new face in Christmas letter

Since we’ve all been kids ourselves, we know just how cruel they can be. Standing out from the crowd at school is often enough to draw bullies in, and said bullies can often make life extremely difficult.

It’s something Bakhtiyer Sindrov of Talgar, Uzbekistan knows only too well. As per the Daily Mail, the 5-year-old suffered horrible facial burns when he was a baby, during a house fire that almost claimed his life. He was saved from the blaze, but suffered significant injuries that left him requiring major surgery.

“He was very little when his face, head, neck and shoulders got burned,” family friend Olga Ryabeva said to The Sun.

“He was basically melting alive.”

As you can imagine, life for Bakhtiyer hasn’t exactly been easy since.

As if the pain wasn’t bad enough, Bakhtiyer’s facial deformation means that he attracts attention wherever he goes. It also meant he couldn’t go to school.

In fact, as per reports, his parents resorted to covering his head with a blanket whenever he went outside, so as to allow him to move around without catching the eye of people he walks past.

Luckily, there are those trying to help. As part of a charity campaign run by the group Ya Ryadom (meaning, “I Am Beside You”), Bakhtiyer wrote a heartbreaking letter to Santa Claus detailing his one Christmas wish. His ask? A new face.

It’s said his father wrote the letter under Bakhityer’s instruction (Bakhityer can’t write). He began:

“Hello, Father Christmas! I was burned when I was a little boy.

“I lost my face in the fire and since then I have to hide from people because they are scared of me. I am scared of myself when I am looking in the mirror. I am often in pain, but I do not cry. My mother does.

“Father Christmas, give me a new face, please, I will never cry in my life then. I just want to be like other children.”


In the wake of his heartbreaking letter, Bakhityer has fortunately made some progress on getting a new face. Thanks to the incredible work of doctors at the MedIndia clinic in India, his reconstructive surgery has granted him new lips, teeth and eyelids. He’s received implants in his neck to facilitate further surgeries, whilst he’s scheduled to have another procedure in December.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bakhityer and all the other children of the world suffering this Christmas.

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Aunt hides her face when nephew crawls into stranger’s arms but woman’s reaction now goes viral

Most of us have that childhood memory of talking to a stranger when we shouldn’t have. Children have such innocent minds and sweet hearts that they are often drawn to people with the same kindness.

In the case of little Isaiah, he was at a high school football game with his Aunt Star when he spotted a friendly looking woman and the sweet toddler just had to get closer.

The stranger’s reaction may not be what you’d expect but the images have lit up the internet. See for yourself how adorable they are.

In her now-viral Facebook post, Star shared what happened and how heartwarming the stranger’s reaction was.

She wrote: “I don’t know who this lady is, but if you know her, tell her she’s awesome. Isaiah walked up to this lady at our last home game two weeks ago. He sat on her lap and they were talking like they knew each other. It lasted no more than 20 mins.

“However, she left right after halftime to meet up with her girl. Fast forward to tonight… not long after we sat down at the game Isaiah spotted her. She waved at him and he made his way up to her. I thought their interaction would be the same as last time but I was wrong…”

Star said: “Isaiah walked right up to her smiling, crawled in her lap and laid his head down on her shoulder. She welcomed him with open arms. This lady patted and rocked Isaiah to sleep like she had given birth to him. It was the sweetest! We asked her if she wanted us to get him but she kept telling us she (and he) was fine!

“She said he was her new friend. She then went on to say she only has one child who is 15, and moments like this are priceless!”

Star’s post spread quickly as everyone she knew tried to help her find this big-hearted lady. Once she had been identified, Star added to her post: “We found out who she is. Her name is Mrs. Angela. She’s such a sweet lady, y’all!”

Her post has attracted more than one million likes in appreciation of the wonderful example Angela is. Please share and help melt even more hearts.



School Bus Refused To Pick Up This Child. Then A Strange Car Stops To Offer Him A Ride

There is no bus service for some students who go to Carriage Hill Elementary School.

Gabe and his mom, Kim, have to walk two miles every morning and then two miles after school. Kim is a full-time student and single mom. She can’t afford a car.

After Kim and Gabe had been featured on the news, an incredible thing happened.

A complete stranger pulled up next to them as they were walking to school.

The woman, Becky Novotny, asked if she could give Gabe a ride to school – she was going there to drop off her child, and it wouldn’t be a problem. Isn’t that amazing?!

Simple human kindness. Now Gabe and Kim don’t have to walk all that way to get to school!

Take a look at this video

Becky picks up Gabe in the morning and drops him at home in the afternoon!

Just when you thought there were no kind souls left on Earth.

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Disrespectful Teen Picks Subway Fight With The Wrong Woman

There are few things in the world more downright infuriating than disrespectful people, and that gets even worse when these individuals take it a step up to harassment.

This woman is just going on her daily commute via the subway when a teen starts to harass her.

He spits at her in contempt for no visible reason, and she immediately dares him to do to it again.

The boy is aggravated by her words and begins to threaten her. In response, the woman tells him to go to school.

The boy does not take kindly to these words and threatens to knock her out.

And so she dares him to touch her, like she dared him before. This time, he follows through. Bad move.

Take a look at this video:

As soon as he shoves her, the woman grabs her can of pepper spray and lets it rip, full blast, in the teen’s face!

The boy is left to limp off, crying in pain, as the woman takes a triumphant walk away.

It’s definitely concerning that no one on that subway stepped in to help, but clearly this woman didn’t need anyone else to have her back!

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Christmas balls with just 4 ingredients: So good you might as well make two batches right away

There’s no such thing as too much Christmas goodness — and this certainly applies when it comes to baking sweets for the holidays.

Here’s a new recipe that had me drooling right away and that I know I just absolutely have to try.

Best of all — you don’t even need the stove or oven.


• 1 cup powdered sugar

• 3 tbsp melted butter

• 1/2 cup peanut butter

• 400 g melted white chocolate

• sprinkles (optional)

YouTube/Six Sisters’ Stuff


1. Combine peanut butter, butter and icing sugar into a bowl, mix well.

2. Roll into balls. I usually make them quite small because they are quite heavy. This way, guests can take more than one instead if they so choose. Place the balls in the freezer for about 30 minutes — this will help them keep their shape when you roll them in the white chocolate coating.

3. Break the melted white chocolate into small pieces, place in a bowl and heat in a microwave. Make sure not to burn the chocolate or it will become unusable.

YouTube/Six Sisters’ Stuff

4. Dip one ball at a time into the white chocolate. Using a fork, roll them around until they’re covered and then let the excess drip off for a few seconds — cover with sprinkles! Edible sugar crystals are great and very Christmas-y.

5. Put the balls back in the fridge until the chocolate has stiffened, then serve! They’re good both warm or chilled, so just choose your preference.

These are so popular at parties, so make sure you make a double batch!

If you prefer a less sweet variant, you can use a darker chocolate for the coating. The peanut butter can also be exchanged for any nut butter or squashed Oreo cookies.

See the video below for full instructions:

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Nervous Groom Waits To See Bride In Her Dress, But Best Man Secretly Swaps Places With Bride

What is a good relationship without the ability to make fun of each other and enjoy some humor?

Image Credit: YouTube
David and Brianne Hofmann’s wedding in Snohomish, Washington was expected to be a very serious, no-nonsense event.

This was something that Brianne had been very insistent on, and it is an understandable sentiment. After all, this was an important milestone event in one’s life, and one that everyone will be looking back on later in life.

So when she was approached by Timmy Horton – the groom’s best man – to do pull a wedding prank, she wasn’t entirely sure about the whole idea.

Image Credit: YouTube
What had happened was that Timmy had seen multitudes of viral videos featuring wedding day pranks, and was inspired to pull off one of his own at his best friend’s wedding.

Luckily for Timmy, Brianne eventually agreed to the harmless prank.

The idea relied on one crucial detail – at every wedding, there would be the long-held tradition where the bride would walk up to the groom, while the latter had his back turned.

Image Credit: YouTube
With the bride on board, Timmy then roped in the help of the wedding photographer, Anna Morrison for his ingenious prank.

The idea was as thus – Timmy would borrow Anna’s old wedding dress and fit into it. Then, he would take Brianne’s place to walk up to the nervous groom and him a great surprise!

Image Credit: YouTube
These were the only people that were aware of Timmy’s prank. So when the wedding began, Timmy joined the everyone into the ladies’ dressing room to squeeze into Anna’s old wedding dress.

This was much to the displeasure of the other groomsmen, who weren’t in on the joke and were confused as to where Timmy had gone – until they saw him walk out in a wedding dress.

To everyone’s surprise, the dress actually fit Timmy perfectly! And to seal the look, they even topped him off with a long, flowing veil made of chiffon. He was ready.

In a video captured by the wedding photographer, Anna, you can see Timmy walking quietly up to David in all of his mustachioed glory, unable to keep a massive smile off his face.

When David turned around to see Timmy, he too ended up laughing alongside his best man!

This is certainly a moment that will be recalled with great fondness and joy as the years pass.

At the very least it is definitely a story for all who were involved to share with their children in the future!

It’s not the song.

There are two types of people in life; those who come and go, and those who come and stick with you for a long term period, possibly forever. But regardless of the time period they end up spending with you, there’s always a purpose for which they were intended to fulfill.

In fact, even if they appear to be a hindrance to your personal growth, they still have an underlying purpose for redirecting your life to new people or places. In the end, they influence your personal spiritual journey.

So whether they’re going to stick or live, ensure you keep the following 3 types of people:

3 types of people you should keep in your life

1. The mentor

Mentors come in different forms. They could be your teacher, friend, family member or just any other person. The reason why they influence your personal growth in a positive way is because they tend to have wisdom with the universe they’ve lived in, and so they’re passing that knowledge to you.

In most cases, they will be older than you, hence the tremendous amount of experience they pass to you. However, mentors can be your age mates too. Nature sends them your way so they can encourage, support and inspire your journey to personal growth.

It’s worth noting down that your mentor will also learn a few things about you. People always meet their mentors while in a certain state, and somehow, their interaction from that point onwards, transforms the experience from a simple introduction to a full-blown student-mentor relationship.

2. Soulmates

You may call them soulmates, soul tribe or soul family. The 3 terms essentially mean the same thing; people you meet along the way and you immediately feel like you’ve known them before.

These people resonate with you on a deeper soul level. They are a part of you, and you don’t have to be convinced about it.

So the moment you meet them, you will immediately feel a sense of comfort and familiarity. You will feel like you’ve finally re-united with a long lost soul brother, sister, family member, friend etc. It it said that soulmates come from the same star system, which explains the reason you’re feeling so.

Soulmates meet in unexpected places. And when they meet, they immediately establish a deeper sense of connection. So keep your eyes and heart open to such kind of people.

3. The opposite

They show up with a purpose — to remind you of what you need to work on. These people have a tendency of telling the truth like it is — by not sugarcoating anything. Other people may call them your counterbalance. This is someone who acts like a force that seeks to balance you so you can attain your personal growth goals.

They also have a tendency of strengthening you where you have weaknesses. They will also pick arguments with you more often because they are your opposite force. But you shouldn’t take it too personal.

These people will point it out every time you divert off your true nature. They might even offer insights into how you can improve. However, in most cases, this kind of a relationship will form twin flames, or what they call feminine and masculine energies. Remember, they’re your opposite, so expect a lot of energetic discordance.


Those are the 3 types of people to keep in our lives. It’s never a problem to keep the first two. However, when it comes to the third type of person, you may experience challenges having them around. But you have to keep the 3 to attain goals where your personal growth is concerned.



At the age of 92, the Gerber Baby Model Is Still Cuter Than Ever

Ann Turner Cook is a professional mystery author who also spent time working as an English teacher. However, that was not the reason behind her fame as you may initially think. The real reason is some drawings of her face when she was only a tiny baby.

She is in fact the famous Gerber Baby that appeared on baby food jars for nearly ninety years after winning a content in 1928. The drawing of baby Ann were completed in 1931 by her neighbour, Dorothy Smith and then become the official trademark for the brand Gerber.

People from all over the globe recognise the baby face as it still remains on Gerber packaging until this date.

Initially, when the drawing came out, for nearly four decades no one knew that it was Ann, bar a few members of her family. But in 1978, the Gerber brand disclosed the name of the baby that the world had long been accustomed to on baby food packaging.

Even at the age of 92, you can still see the resemblance between baby Ann and her now. She still has wide eyes and an adorable smile. Ann celebrated her 92 birthday on 20 November 2018.

Ann has also managed to meet some other babies that have been used by Gerber in their branding such as baby Lucas Warren.

Lucas at the age of 1, became the first to represent the Geber brand with Down’s Syndrome. Ann met Lucas and his family in Tampa. He waved and smiled at Ann and his parents were delighted by Ann’s warmth towards their son.

Is there anyone that you can think of who would make the most adorable Gerber baby? Share this story with your friends to put a smile on their faces!